Behind the Brand

 I work in the TV and Film industry and I started to get a lot of bad breakouts. I was really concerned and started talking a lot to the makeup artists on set. I didn't realize that a lot of the reason I was having breakouts was due to my recently found gluten allergy... and apparently, a lot of makeup actually contains gluten! Now, if we back track to a few months before, I was living with a friend of mine who also had a gluten allergy, her gluten allergy was awful... we even had to use different toasters. That was when I learned a lot about gluten. Shortly after moving out I was told I had a gluten allergy. It was hard enough shifting the foods I eat, but now... now I have to shift my makeup too?! 

This was when I decided to start doing some research. I was already obsessed with makeup and I even have my own room FULL of makeup that I like to all my "Glam Room". Now I am going crazy sitting on my floor starring at ingredients with a giant pile of makeup that I cannot wear anymore. This is when I decided that maybe I should invest in my own line of products. Products with ingredients that are good for you, products that I would put on my own face and wear proudly. I wanted to make sure my line was not only healthy for your face but also long wearing. Watching talent have their makeup melt off their face in a matter of minutes every day on set made me determined to make sure my makeup can hold and last. Now this is how Exotic Vixen Cosmetics was born.